What attracts football fans?

Football (also known as soccer) has been the most popular game for many years. There is not a single person who has never heard of any outstanding footballer. Real admirers of soccer know everything about their favorite teams, footballers, and clubs and are jealous of the fans of other teams.

Interestingly, among the reasons for the popularity of soccer, experts note the optimal size of the field. In other words, the dimensions of the rectangular field give an excellent view for the audience. This applies to those who are in the stands, and those who follow the match on the TV screen.

In addition, the size of the playing field allows the fans to follow the game and to a sufficient extent understand what is happening between the players. The game goes slowly, without swiftness, then the audience sees what combinations the players implement or what violations the athletes make.

It is also noted that the optimal size of the ball has been selected for this game. For the fans, it’s also important to have everything in the field of view in a constant mode. A ball is clearly visible on the football field that isn’t relevant, for instance, to a hockey puck or a rugby ball.
Another factor is the number of players. It is also harmonious within the dimensions of the soccer field. Players do not create crowding while interacting well with each other.

Popular soccer competitions and tournaments

Soccer allows you to hold a variety of types of competitions. In addition to the existence of various clubs and matches between them that are held constantly, there are more global events in this industry. The most significant are the World and European Championships. They are organized at the global level, by FIFA. They attract the increased attention of fans, this is a million-strong audience. They play a crucial role for the soccer admirers and for the players, it is very prestigious to become their winner. Therefore, during such outstanding events in the sports industry, an extremely high global attention to football is difficult to dispute.

Football World Cup

Undoubtedly, the World Cup is the most reputable event in this area. Every football player dreams of raising the Cup over his head.
All those who won the World Cup inscribed their names in football history with golden letters and became real legends. Perhaps it is precisely the reason why Messi is not called the best football player in the world in the entire history of this game. He didn’t win the World Cup with the national team.

Brazil has won the most World Cup titles (5 times). By the way, they own another record. This team from South America has not yet missed a single World Championship (21 times in total). This achievement cannot be repeated, since the closest pursuer of the German national team has 19 participations.

In total, the Cup was won only by representatives of Europe (12 times) and South America (9 times).

European Football Championship

Each continental tournament plays an important role for its continent. However, the European Championship is distinguished among all other competitions by the selection of players, outstanding teams, and media coverage.
It is held every 4 years, and the best teams of the continent compete for the Henri Delaunay Cup (the cup is named after the author of the tournament idea).

Most often, the teams of Germany and Spain won the EURO – 3 times each. The Germans have only 9 awards (including silver and bronze) and 12 participations, while the Spaniards have 4.
In 1992, the Danish national team won the EURO, without breaking through to it, because due to the situation in the country, the winner of the qualifying group – the Yugoslav national team – was simply removed.


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