The most goal scoring Champions League final

It was so long ago that famous soccer player Pele played in those years. We’re talking about 1960, the Real Madrid-Eintracht soccer match, and the score 7-3 in favor of Real. It was one of the first 5 Champions League finals that the Spanish “royal” team won, but it was definitely the most spectacular with ten goals gained. In this match, all the goals of Madrid were gained by Di Stefano and Puskas. Alfredo managed to score a hat-trick, while Ferenc scored 4 and set a record for soccer goals (if you consider the statistics of an individual soccer player).

Records of Paco Gento

Francisco Gento López (Paco) is a Spanish soccer striker who currently holds two very interesting records. He played the largest number of the Champions League closing matches, and at the same time, he holds the record for the won titles of this tournament (also 6). Yes, he was greatly helped by the fact that Real Madrid participated in the finals 5 times in a row, and 5 of them ended in victory for them (1956 – 1960). Real Madrid, along with Paco, took their sixth closing match (and with it the cup) in 1966 in a game against Partizan. Among the current soccer players in terms of the number of such achievements, Ronaldo is closest, who has 5 earned cups.

The only Champions League final to be replayed

It was a harsh 1974, the Eisel Stadium and the closing soccer match between Bayern and Atlético Madrid. Luis Aragones (the coach of the national soccer team of Spain who took Euro 2008 with it) scored for Madrid in the 114th minute, but Schwarzenbeck scored a very clumsy ball in the 120th minute of extra time, and the rules of those years did not provide for post-match penalties. Moreover, the fact is that the fate of some soccer tournaments in those days was decided by lot (if a draw was maintained after extra time, they threw a coin). Two days later, on the same Eisele, the match was replayed, but this time with a crushing score of 4:0 in favor of the German team, for which Gerd Muller and Uli Hoeneß scored. Both scored 2 goals.

Fastest goal in a Champions League final

This ball flew into the goal of Jerzy Dudek in the 2005 closing soccer match in Istanbul. The goal was scored by Paolo Maldini. It took him only 52 seconds to hit the ball into the net. By the way, then Paolo also became the oldest soccer player
to score therein, because he did it at the age of 36 years and 11 months. Paolo Maldini is not only a great defender but also, as it turns out, the Champions League goalscorer. (We advise you to review the match in its entirety).

Most visited Champions League match in history

The famous 1960 match gathered 135,000 spectators in its stands (Hampden Park stadium, Glasgow). This is an incredible figure, considering that the nearest pursuer has as much as 15 thousand less (120 thousand, Santiago Bernabeu, 1957). 10 goals were scored in that match, so 135 thousand people seemed to know that something historic would happen that day and they simply had to see it!

Spanish teams played more than others in the final

Real Madrid made a very big contribution to this statistical fact. With 16 finals (13+, 3-) they became record holders in this indicator. Considering the overall statistics, the Spanish teams played in the decisive matches 29 times (18+, 11-). Italian teams managed to play a little less – 28 (12+, 16-) matches. This year we have two English teams, so it’s worth mentioning that English clubs are in third place with 22 (13+, 9-). Clubs from Holland cope best with the finals – 8 (6+, 2-).

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